Filling tyres with Nitrogen provides better fuel economy, extended tyre life and improved road safety
A Nitrogen filled tyre will have the following benefits over an air filled tyre for the following reasons:
The large molecular structure of Nitrogen when used as an inflation medium greatly slows down the tyre pressure drop as the molecules find it hard to migrate through the porous tyre wall.

By keeping tyre pressures stable for longer you are reducing the extra tyre drag on the road surface; which:

• Prevents the engine from over working and consuming more fuel than is necessary
• Prevents a speed up in the tyre tread wear, extending the life of your tyres

When used in tyre inflation, Nitrogen as a dry gas doesn’t react with tyre temperature changes on long journeys and prevents the tyre from expanding, which:

• Prevents over-inflation which can cause dangerous blowouts
• Improves road handling and stability of the vehicle